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Paris, France. Photo by @raphaelmetivet.

TW/CW: trauma, depression, social isolation, death

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a piece here in my writing space and I must say, I’m delighted to be back. …

I wanted to take a moment to write something out on here that can capture my thoughts, emotions, and experience of the last two weeks. In other words: That’s it folks I’m really growing up now.

I remember the moment I first thought about a life where I would be…

Gratitude is not overrated.

I’d like to kick off this follow-up article with a massive thank you to everyone for the response to my last one. To say the least, I was not expecting or emotionally prepared for that amount of love. Whether you commented publicly or privately, know that…

Let me tell you how.

It is currently 11:03pm on May 26th here in downtown Toronto. I’m sitting out on my balcony in front of City Hall in the middle of TO’s financial district, thinking intently about the metaphor I’m about to delve into.

The economy fascinates me. Wall Street…

One click will change your life.

As you sneak into the kitchen of your home in Ottawa at 13 years old with the intention of using your father’s laptop to create your first social media account, I want you to understand and acknowledge a few things.

Facebook is not the…

Say that ten times fast.

Do the words “self-care” and “online” even go in the same sentence? You know what, yeah they do. Despite all the negative sensationalist things that come about, there are some very clear benefits to being online and I, like many others, have been truly impacted…

This is new for me.

Okay so as a marked departure from my critique of humanity and the mildly depressing stuff that comes with all of that “rah rah” rally for transformation, I change tack.

Beauty influencers should be familiar to most by now. You know, the humans on Instagram…

Alya Béjaoui

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